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The “perfect” bump…

21 weeks pregnant this week. And I have to admit watching my body change so drastically this time around is harder than I thought it would be.

During my first pregnancy I didn’t start showing at all until around 25 weeks, which I know might not seem like such a difference… but it’s weird. Knowing your body can grow and change is so… terrifying in the best way.

The way I try to stay positive about the weight gain and aches is I try to remember why it’s happening. There’s a healthy, growing little human in there. The little baby rarely lets me forget they’re in there. S/he spends most of its days kicking any chance it gets.

Today is weird day. I just had to share some of my feelings and thoughts somewhere.

Hope you all have a great day.




One thought on “The “perfect” bump…

  1. I was very insecure about my bump. Because I’m overweight it took a while before I looked pregnant and not just fat. Even when I did I still didn’t like it. My body image issues were 10x worse while pregnant at a time when I think a lot of people celebrate and charish their bodies.

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