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I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom with cool hair: 4 quick & easy hairstyles for moms in a time crunch!

I can’t be the only mom who literally hasn’t done their hair in quite some time. And by “done my hair” I mean really did my hair. Usually its just sitting there, growing, air drying, annoyingly getting all up in my face. And sometimes I end up tossing it into a not so cute top knot that just lays there…

before we get into the hairstyles: here are my go to products to put in my hair so it can at least sort of look put together.

The gloss really does make your hair look glossy and the dry shampoo… do I really need to explain? It’s a life saver.

So I thought I’d share with you guys my quick, go to hairstyles that always keep me from actually shaving my head or doing something drastic of the sort.

also forgive me for the video quality… iphone…. not the best. but here are 4 hairstyles for you to try out, they take less than 5 minutes and some of them actually are cuter than your average top knot!

hope you guys enoyed!

until next time!



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