What’s in our baby’s hospital bag?

Hi guys! A lot has happened since I last blogged. I haven’t really been feeling the best and since I’m high risk for preterm labor I’ve been trying to take it easy.

The real hard part of pregnancy officially started for me at about 29 weeks. I’ve been in and out of the hospital for severe pain, to stop the contractions, and basically because I lost the ability to walk at about 33 weeks.

Aside from the fact that Im still having trouble walking, still experiencing extreme lower back pain, and contractions every night I’m starting to feel a little better. Not to mention I’m finally 34 weeks which according to my doctor if I happen to actually go into labor right now it would be ok. Baby is growing well and measuring great, so the scare of preterm labor has almost subsided.

Anyway, my husband and I filmed this video of what we’ll be taking to the hospital with us for our baby!!! Thought I’d share it here with you. We tried to keep it minimal as most things will be provided for baby at our hospital. 

So here’s what we’re taking:

What diaper bag: After constant thought and me being super picky, we finally settled on this shoulder bag/backpack diaper bag by JJ Cole. We purchased it at buy buy baby for a rather small amount because it was on sale at the time. Link: https://m.buybuybaby.com/m/product/jj-cole-reg-backpack-diaper-bag-in-black-tri-stitch/1060164957?skuId=60164957&mcid=PS_googlepla_nonbrand_activity_&adpos=1o6&creative=87521921100&device=m&matchtype=&network=g&product_id=60164957&gclid=CjwKEAjw2qzHBRChloWxgoXDpyASJAB01Io0mjq3lNULv1j99xjH-UQBnJuuuqEc9uclWZQpC1thkhoCZFLw_wcB

Pacifer: we chose to bring one pacifier because we did get it for free in our registry gift bag. Despite the fact our other daughter never was a pacifier fan we thought we’d have it just in case baby girl #2 is.

Clothing: we decided to keep it as minimal as possible only bringing what we absolutely think we’ll need. We brought 3 sleepers with feet and mitten fold overs. 3 under shirt onesies (just plain white), and our going home outfit. 

Accessories: we brought 3 pairs of socks, 3 baby hats, 3 pairs of mittens.

Blankets: We kept the blankets at a minimum since she will be a spring baby and in Arizona spring is basically summer. We decided on 2 receiving blankets and one big fluffy soft blanket.

Extras: since most of everything will be provided for baby we didn’t pack too many other things. We did however pack 6 diapers, a small travel sized package of wipes, and a burp cloth. 

Anyway hope you guys enjoyed this post! Hopefully it was helpful!



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27.2 weeks/days

Getting to the third trimester was something I was kind of really scared of. To be honest I still am.

Considering my first pregnancy, and considering this pregnancy is unfolding much like the first, I have to say I’m nervous. You see my first pregnancy was hard through out, as was this one, especially having had a miscarriage right before finding out about this baby. Basically, I’ve nearly pregnant for a year??? With about a months break in between, so I’m excited to finally have a baby in my arms, which is why the last couple months are going to be exciting. But the physical side of pregnancy has always been a little too much for me.

Excuse my rambles. Typically if this pregnancy is anything like my very first, the last trimester is going to be a ton of bricks. Add a 3.5 year old to the mix, which is something I didn’t have last time, and we open up a new can of worms. I already am expieriencing the immense pelvic pain, the early Braxton hicks contractions, and the nausea. Let me tell you something walking with a baby sitting right on your hips 24/7 is really no easy feat. Also breathing! Can i just please get a little bit of air??? I’m not complaining though, being pregnant is a beautiful thing, a very physically, emotionally demanding thing, but beautiful nonetheless. 

I cant wait for our newest little girl to come join us. 

One thing I think I can wait for is the glucose test I have next week. That’s the worst part of it all. Last time I went with orange and that taste made me gag… maybe I’ll try fruit punch this time around, anyone else hated the glucose test? Or am I just a baby? 

My husband and I also have a tour of the hospital next week, that’s going to be fun I think. Also I’m in the midst of packing and getting our  hospital bags ready, would anyone want to see a post about that when I have it all sorted out?  I’ll probably do a post about it. 

Anyway, hope you all are having a great day! 




24 Weeks 

Hi guys!

Been a while since I last blogged. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I’ve reached the part in my pregnancy where I’m feeling way too uncomfortable to do really do much of anything. Also inspiration is lacking a bit. 

Can you guys believe it? I’m 24 weeks today. It’s a little over the have way mark and I can not wait to meet our newest little addition. I’m stressing over the fact that I really don’t have much ready yet, because I felt as though we could wait because we “have time” but holy geeze time is flying by. 

I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday. I always get to stressed out over doctors appointments, I don’t know why. But it’s terrifying and nerve wracking to me. Been that way since I was little, so every time I have an appointment I make sure it’s on a day my husband can come along, because god knows if I went alone I’d lose it completely. But that usually means a night or two of not sleeping because I’ll be worrying about the appointment. I wish I had a way to cope with that. My first pregnancy I was far too sick to be worried about the doctors visit. So who knows. I’m super anxiety prone to all things doctors. If anyone has any advice to help curve that, please share id love some advice.

On another note, I’ve had quite a bit of down time, so I’ve been reading a lot. Rereading some of my favorites. Like the catcher in the rye. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve revisited that book. But I could use some new reading material. So If you like any book, let me know. I’m open to all genres!



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Daily bumps…

Ahh sundays….

They’ve always been my least favorite day of the week ever since I could remember. I’m not exactly sure why, because I usually do the same things on the daily. I remember I hated sundays back in my school days because… Sunday meant Monday and Monday meant school,  but as adult I have no reason to really hate sundays.

Maybe it’s just because I feel like Sunday has a connotation of being a lazy day… 

today, I needed a little pick me up, the odd thing is, for someone who hated ice coffees of any kind before this pregnancy all I can drink these days coffee wise is iced coffees… it’s so strange and watered down. See what I mean about sundays? I’m over here blogging about ice coffees. Also the baby bump just keeps growing, and I’m convinced this little girl never sleeps while in my stomach. Constant kicks, moves, yawns, whatever all day. It’s nice though.

Anyway, today, I think I’ll start a plan for next week. Plan out what we need to do, etc. I’ll probably also make my way to the park with the baby and the puppy and then perhaps finish my never ending pile of laundry that I started earlier.

Have a good Sunday.



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These past few months have been quite a few interesting ones for the history books. 

These past two days, we’ve seen so many changes, so many people uniting, so many people fighting peacefully for all the right things. 

I attended the women’s march in my city this morning and it was one moment in my life that I’ll never forget. It was so amazing watching a crowd of millions come together and passionately fight for the basic needs of all those who’ve come before, those in the present, and all those in the future. I feel like it was more than just about “women” and more about all of use having the opportunity to come together to make sure we all are treated equally.

Let’s not let hate breed hate. Let’s remember what’s important, and never stop being inspired to fight for it.